Dean Potter – one of America’s best known extreme athletes – has been killed during a stunt in California.


Extreme sport pioneer
The world of extreme sport has paid tribute to a climber that
continuously pushed the limits of what was possible,
sometimes controversially.
He drew criticism in May 2006 after he made a “free solo”
climb of Utah’s iconic Delicate Arch, prompting outdoor
clothing company Patagonia to drop its sponsorship of him.

Potter was one of the most innovative rock climbers in the
history of the sport
He was the first to climb Yosemite’s three most famous big
walls in a single day.
He was also renowned for his high-line walks and high-risk
parachute jumps, some of which he carried out with his dog,
Last year he released a 22-minute long film, “When Dogs Fly”
that chronicled Whisper’s skydiving adventures. Although it
became a viral sensation, it also attracted criticism from
animal rights activists.
Climber Doug Robinson told the BBC that Potter had always
sought to push the limits of what was possible in his sport.
“We’re very sad about Dean Potter’s death, but not very
surprised,” he told BBC Newsday, “he was pushing the
envelope all his life.”


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