Economic conditions in Greece have been on a steady downward slide since the nation’s economic crisis began in 2009. The GDP has dropped by more than 22 percent and more than half of the youth are unemployed, leaving many without hope. Although politicians have proposed numerous short-term fixes, too little attention has been given to structural reforms that would help ensure Greece’s ability to break its cycle of crises and return to economic prosperity.

Atlas Network’s Emergency Economic Summit for Greece — to be held on Tuesday, May 19, in Athens — will bring together leading economists and reformers to present a plan to implement these much-needed structural reforms. Speakers will include Nobel laureate economist Thomas J. Sargent, former managing director of the World Bank Juan Jose Daboub, University of Athens Associate Professor Aristides Hatzis, Bulgaria’s former Deputy Prime Minister Simeon Djankov, and many more.

The summit, sponsored Atlas Network along with the Cato Institute and several Athens-based organizations, will focus on restoring trust in the economy, ending a culture of political favoritism and cronyism, and creating a legal and business environment favorable to entrepreneurs and job seekers. Local media sponsors include exclusive print media sponsor Kathimerini, International New York Times, and Skai television.


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