Emerges of Nepal quake, Everest avalanche

Kathmandu as seen by a drone.


Screenshot by Eric Mack/CNET
The images and mounting death toll coming out of Nepal
since a magnitude 7.8 earthquake struck near the capital of
Kathmandu on Saturday have been sobering. But to really
grasp the shock and devastation left by the quake in the city
and in nearby base camp by

Mount Everest, which was hit by
an avalanche triggered by the temblor, the videos that are
beginning to trickle on to YouTube provide some perspective.
Google engineer Dan Fredinburg was among the at least 17
climbers killed in the avalanche. A video posted to the
YouTube account of German climber Jost Kobusch captures
the terrifying moment that the snowslide moved across the
base camp.
In the clip below (language NSFW, both in English and
German), which already has over 11 million views, climbers
are heard remarking that the ground was shaking and then
seen running from a massive cloud of snow that sweeps
across the camp. The person filming and a companion appear
to huddle behind a tent. While coated in snow afterward, they
don’t seem to have taken the brunt of the avalanche and are
Footage from Kathmandu, closer to the epicenter of the
earthquake also emerged Monday when Kishor Rana began
posting videos shot by flying a drone over the sprawling city
on Facebook . Unfortunately, the below video speaks for itself.
If you’d like to learn more about how to help the people of
Nepal or to check the status of people in the region, Google,
Apple and Facebook are all pitching in, as CNET reported


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