Britain’s Unwanted House Guests

Media Diversified

by Shane Thomas

Last Sunday, I was on a train, coming back to London from Leeds. Knowing that this trip would be lengthy – and accompanied by a hangover – I booked a window seat nearest the door, ensuring I would be close to the exit, and relatively secluded from the rest of the passengers, expediting my plans to sleep during the journey.

However, on boarding the train, there was a woman sat in my seat. My instinctive irritation was tempered by the fact that the woman in question was feeding her baby, and was surrounded by the numerous paraphernalia needed when one has a baby in tow.

A solution was needed, as I didn’t want to disrupt her child being fed, but still needed somewhere to sit. A clumsy exchange followed, partly due to my state of exhaustion, and partly due to her broken English. But after ascertaining her…

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