Port Harcourt residents live in fear as robbers send them visitation notice


Residents of Rumuapu GRA, Rukpokwu, in Port Harcourt, Rivers State, have been sent into the panic mode as suspectedarmed robbers have sent them an alert putting them on notice of an impending visit.

The letter which was placed on a wall on the street, tells the residents that they should prepare for the visit of the ‘Lords of the Night’ by making sure they have enough money at home because they would strike at anytime.

Part of the letter reads:

“We what (sic) to let you know that from next week there’s a visitor for you and the reason of our coming is that we need ten million naira only from you.

It’s good for you to arrange the money which is 10 million before we show. Failure to obey shall lead to death that is for you.

Just do as we write in the script. Also this one is for public notice we what (sic) you people to let your security men to know, may there pack (sic) and run a way (sic) before we land g.r.a rumuap.

And if any security man didn’t (sic) value his life because of rich man like you, if you die that one is for your own, our coming is undated.


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