Pro-Russia journalist Oles Buzyna killed


Oles Buzyna, a Ukrainian journalist who is known for his pro-Russian views has been shot dead in the Ukrainian capital,Kiev.

According to BBC, Interior Ministry adviser Anton Herashchenko said the 45-year old was killed by shots fired from a car.

Buzyna is the latest in a series of allies of Ukraine’s pro-Russian former President, Victor Yanukovych, to die in suspicious circumstances. Just yesterday, MP Oleg Kalashnikov, who was close to Yanukovych, was shot dead in Kiev.

Herashchenko said he believed both killings were related to the victims’ involvement with Ukraine’s “anti-Maidan” movement, which opposed the popular overthrow of Mr Yanukovych in 2014.

He further said  both men were key witnesses in a criminal case related to pro-Russian activists who attacked protesters in the Maidan Square uprising that deposed Yanukovych.

Meanwhile, Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko has ordered an investigation into the murders, calling them “deliberate” acts that play “into the hands of our enemies”


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